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The Importance of Firearm Safety in the Home

Why it’s important As gun owners it’s imperative to practice gun safety in our homes. Leaving a loaded gun exposed and unsupervised in our homes is an open door to unimaginable possibilities. Studies map that about 4.6 million children in America are currently living in homes that do not properly store firearms. Here at H&H Shooting Sports we care about your families which is why we encourage all gun owners not to be foolish, lock up your guns like you lock up your tools. Secure Firearm Storage Experts have agreed that there is a three-step method behind preventing access to the firearm in your home. These steps are to unload, lock and separate. Essentially what the gun owner is responsible for is unloading the ammunition, locking...  Read More

Educating yourself vs just ‘knowing the basics’

One may wonder what else it is they can learn about guns. Don’t be dismayed… You can learn quite a bit. Ever heard someone ask another, ‘do you speak Spanish?’ or ‘do you do photography?’ and they respond with ‘eh, I know the basics.’ Because if we’re not careful that can be how we talk about our weapons. Anyone who carries shouldn’t be content with ‘knowing the basics’; like anything else, they should desire to learn more. Which is why extra firearm classes and certifications are perfect for anyone with a gun. So here we’ll review how educating yourself unlocks indispensable tools we need in shooting like, correctly using and selecting equipment, discovering the benefits of reloading and more.   Skill development Enrolling yourself...  Read More